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Come to Canada

Whether it is just a for a visit, for short or long studies, for work or to obtain permanent residence, each person will find in the range of programs offered by Canada, a reason to discover this beautiful country and even maybe, settle there.

Determine if you need one or the other to enter Canada.

Generally, a tourist can stay in Canada for up to 6 months, unless the officer indicates a deadline directly in their passport. You must maintain a valid visitor status during your entire stay, even if this means applying for an extension.

Some programs do not require a study permit.


But if necessary, you must meet certain criteria to obtain a study permit:


And under certain conditions, you could even be authorized to work during your studies .

Find out if you need a work permit. In some cases, you are allowed to work in Canada without a permit .


However, in most cases, you will need to obtain a permit .


If you are under 36, come visit Canada while working to acquire a new language and discover another culture.

Whether you are sponsored by a family member, choose Express Entry, My Project Quebec or a provincial program, or whether you benefit from your work or study experience in Canada, in total, more than 60 programs allow you to gain permanent resident status.


Determine if you qualify for one of them.

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Sometimes a simple orientation is enough to put you on the right path. I therefore offer online advice via videoconference or in my office in Montreal. You will be able to ask me all your questions and receive by email the summary of my recommendations.

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